Our Mission

JPRO Chicago is committed to building relationships and strengthening community connections.

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If you work at or with a Jewish organization in the Chicagoland area, JPRO Chicago is for you.

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Membership Benefits

JPRO Chicago will help build relationships and strengthen community connections among Chicago Jewish professionals. JPRO will provide the following individual and community benefits, among others:

Increased connections among colleagues and collaboration

Opportunities offered by JPRO Chicago will bring colleagues together to share experiences and knowledge, discuss best practices, and work towards programmatic and organizational solutions.

Enhanced employee expertise

Professional development and training will build the strength of the community through employees’ increased skill sets and abilities to understand and take on new workplace challenges.

Increased employee self-worth

Studies have shown that when employees feel invested in, they are more loyal to their work and their organizations, which in turn creates a happier and more productive workplace.

Centralized Access

The creation of a central hub to help coordinate, source, and distribute information regarding professional development. This one-stop-shop will help professionals access resources to help them excel personally and professionally.

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